We’re a small family business and we love growing edibles, so we’ve developed several kits to help you do the same!


What could be better than popping to your garden or balcony and picking home grown tomatoes for lunch? Or going to your windowsill and picking a cucumber?


No shopping, no packaging and plant to plate in just a few steps!

Here at Tasty Gardens HQ we grow lots in pots on our little patio. We also grow a lot indoors, including cucumbers, tomatoes, funky salad leaves which all happily grow on the windowsill! We also use the sunniest windowsills to start seeds off, just like an in-house greenhouse.


Celebrate small spaces! Don’t look at a windowsill or small yard and wish it was bigger, celebrate the space you do have and all the things you can grow. You’ll be amazed!


We reuse where we can so things like yoghurt pots and plastic trays we reuse as many times as we can, then recycle them!

Any queries or for further information, please contact info@tastygardens.co.uk